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Aubane Després is an Fashion Photographer who graduated from the National School of Art and Design of Nancy. 

With a sparkling and sophisticated universe, Aubane Després is specialized in fashion and beauty photography but she also shows her interest in cosmetics and perfumes photography. His technical mastery of light and digital technology  contribute to the creativity and precision of his images. 

She lives and works in Paris.

"Her photos bring us in unreal and bright worlds in which bodies mingle within space, in an enigmatic and paradoxical way. This particular look plays with the codes, with the artifice of image - pushing us to daydreaming. Akin to black clouds of thunderstorm flooding a hot summer day, her photos’ atmospheres are full of deep but light energy. Watching her pictures, we get caught in a tornado of devastating but pleasant light, like discovering a treasure among chaos."


- 2018-2019: Light Assistant and Digital Assistant 

- 2019: Digital Assistant and Retoucher for Pardon My French

- 201-2019: Studio Assistant at Le Studio Moderne

- 2017-2018: Studio Assistant at Studio LB

- 2017: Optention of the DNESP with Mention " Inventiveness of the productions " at the ENSAD (National School of Art and Design of Nancy)

- 2015: Optention of the DNAP at the ENSAD (National School of Art and Design of Nancy)

- Exchange Academic of 6 month in Argentina.





- ROGER VIVIER (Digital)

- SEASONLY (Digital)

- TREMBLEPIERRE (Lookbook/Edito for luxury brand) 

- KAJIKA JEWELRY (Lookbook/Edito for luxury brand) 

- LesPetitsSalauds Clothing (Packshot et Edito)

- MINO (Packshot et Edito)

- Onze. Concept coiffeur. Nancy

- HERNANDEZ (Argentine luxury brand)

- Les Petits Laboratoires de l’Image (Realization and Coordination of two Workshops) 

- Performance «Kaprow en éclats» DU, "Art, Dance, Performance", University of Besançon 

- Hanabi (photographs for the Website and flyers for a dance company) 

- Festival of performances «Fabrica Voxa 2010», ISBA (Higher Institute of Fine Arts Besançon)

- Yohan Burel

- Mia Dabrowski

- Ruggiero Cafagna

- Christophe Berlet

- Charlotte Huguet

- Victoire Le Tarnec

- Marine Billet

- Coline Gascon

- Gabrielle Riouah

- Camille Monpach

- Blandine Garchery

- Lucie Hautot

- Quentin Saunier

- Dan Beleiu

- Sam Hendel

- Zeb Daemen

- Javier Oller

- Raphael Gianelli- Meriano

- Shelby Duncan

- Frederic Leveugle

- Charlotte Kriegger

- Frederic Leveugle

- Damien Pothier

- Fred Gasimov 

- Jean- Noel Leblanc 


- Anne-Francoise Pelissier

- Charlotte Huguet

- Victoire Le Tarnec

- Marine Billet

- Florian Joye

- Roberto Badin

- Isabelle Bonjean

- Alexis Armanet

- Valéry Assénat

- Julien Delplace

- Piotr Stoklosa

- Damien Pothier

- Gabrielle Riouah


- Éric Cuvillier

- Thierry Sauvage


- Cover and Print Publication of 2 photos shoots on Antonym Magazine #5, 2019

- Print Publication of 2 photos shoots on Animal Anatomy Magazine  #2, 2019

- Publication Web on ART PLAY MAGAZINE, 2019

- Publication Web on IRK MAGAZINE, 2019

- Publication Web on FUTAL MAGAZINE, 2018

- Publication Web on Biblond , 2017 

- Publication Web on  Lebloc , 2016 


- Collective exposition " Interstices des bords – Bords des interstices" NaMiMa Galery of ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Nancy), 2017 ​

- Creation and participation in the show " L’objet imaginaire ", in the CCAM, 2017 ​

- Collective photographic exposition " Molitor 7, "Les prémices de la Création", Coordination Andrea Keen, CCAM, 2014


- Photo studio «Le Petit Oiseau Va Sortir», Paris. - With the photographers: : Felipe Barbosa, Bernard Plossu, Philippe Jarrigeon et Grégoire Korganow.

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